Treatment Process

The treatment process consists of several components: a first interview, the imaging, the treatment planning, the actual precision radiation, and routine follow-up examination.



The treatment procedure is usually as follows:

  1. preparation
  2. imaging
  3. treatment planning
  4. Gentle treatment
  5. end of treatment
  6. checkups

Treatment Process

The tumor under control - radiosurgery at the Cyberknife Center Munich

What is behind radiosurgery that effectively shuts off a tumor but at the same time cares for the patient?

The radio oncologist Dr. Alfred Haidenberger shows u.a. for which tumors and metastases cyberknife in head and organs is suitable.

Kopfstuetze Radiochirurgie Cyberknife

Preparation work

For lesions located in the brain, an individual head rest is moulded. This keeps the head still during the treatment as much as possible. For spinal tumors and body lesions no specific positioning devices are needed.

Planungsbilder CT


For each treatment computed tomographic (CT) and MR examinations are required. For brain, spine and liver lesions an MRI not older than 4 weeks is mandatory. For lung lesions a CT scan is sufficient. Depending on the individual constellation of the disease, the additional planningCT examination in our center can take place immediately before or already one day prior to the actual treatment. Already existing MR images may be transferred via CD for the treatment planning procedure. They should be copied in standard DICOM format.

For body treatments using Synchrony small Gold markers (5 mm) have to be implanted in advance. This is performed in the department of Interventional Radiology at the University Hospital over the street. The coordination concerning this procedure is done by our team.

Medizinische Assistenten Cyberknife-Bestrahlung
Medizinische Assistenten Überwachung Strahlenbehandlung

Treatment Planning

The CT and MRI data are logged onto a computer so that the attending physicians and specialised medical physicists can plan and simulate the number, intensity and direction of the beams which the robot will deliver to the target. During this planning phase the patient does not need to be present.

Cyberknife-Behandlung M6

Gentle treatment

Treatment is performed in our very modern practice rooms at Max Lebsche Platz 31 in an outpatient setting. On the day of treatment no special measures have to be taken. Have breakfast as usual and take any medicine, if applicable. An accompanying person for your personal support is welcome. If desired, your favourite music CD can be played during the treatment.

a) Positioning

At the beginning of the treatment the patient is requested to lay down on the treatment table while the head rest moulded previously or the body guide is placed. Anaesthesia is not necessary since the treatment is entirely pain free.

b) Precision radiation

During the treatment the patient should lie as still as possible, smaller movements however are tolerated. With video cameras the patient is observed by the treating physicians. Via microphone the patient can any time get into contact with the attending doctor. Altogether a time frame of about 45 - 90 minutes for the actual treatment is calculated.

Verabschiedung Radiochirurgie Behandlung

Treatment completion

Normally only one treatment session is required. After the treatment the patient can leave the Cyberknife Center and resume usual daily activities.

In rare cases it may be necessary to split the radiation dose over several sessions. In such cases the patient will be requested to return for the remaining treatment sessions.


As after each medical intervention, it is recommended to come for regular outpatient follow-up examinations in order to determine the actual health status.

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