Treat spinal metastases with cyberknife

The Cyberknife system is a very gentle and precise therapy throughout the body, including spinal metastases. Cyberknife radiosurgery is safe and effective in treating spinal cord lesions. It works with an accuracy of less than one millimeter, which is particularly important in the treatment of tumors along the spine with their delicate structures.

With the aid of the integrated image guidance system and the technical flexibility provided by the robot control, the Cyberknife system can also be used non-invasively on the spinal column without fixation and painless. If patients who are at increased risk of surgery meet the indication criteria, they can be treated very well with Cyberknife. Patients receive the dose in a mostly single treatment session.

Due to the particularly gentle and precise radiosurgical treatment, radiosurgical high-dose treatment can be carried out even after a previous conventional irradiation.

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Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Muacevic
Radiosurgeon - Neurosurgeon

Dr. med. Alfred Haidenberger
Radio Oncology Specialist

Dr. med. Markus Kufeld
Radiosurgeon - Neurosurgeon

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