Indications of treatment

Generally, tumors in all parts of the body with a positive indication for radiosurgical therapy can be treated with the Cyberknife.

Using the latest in medical high technology allows it to treat even very irregularly shaped tumors in the area of critical brain regions such as the visual or auditive nerve, without damage to these sensitive brain areas.


Bestimmte Prostatakarzinome lassen sich gut mit Cyberknife als Alternative zu einer Operation oder herkömmlichen Bestrahlung behandeln.


  • Lung cancer (stage I/II)
  • Lung metastases


  • Primary liver carcinoma
  • Liver metastases
  • Lymph nodes
  • Singular lymph node metastasis


Such possibility to provide focussed treatment of tumor tissue while sparing the surrounding structures also allows for an effective treatment of brain lesions in areas difficult to access operatively, such as for example the brain stem or skull base.

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