Cyberknife treatment

Gentle treatment

Generally, tumors in all parts of the body with a positive indication for radiosurgical therapy can be treated with the Cyberknife. Using the latest in medical high technology allows it to treat even very irregularly shaped tumors in the area of critical brain regions such as the visual or auditive nerve, without damage to these sensitive brain areas.

Advantages of treatment

The newly developed design of the Cyberknife system enables treatments not only in the area of the brain but also throughout the spine and spinal cord or in other parts of the body. While the treatment is typically administered in a single fraction, there is the additional option to fractionate (or split) the single dose into 2 -

5 smaller doses. In such a way also lesions in very sensitive body parts can be eliminated while maximally sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

  • non-invasive

  • pain-free
  • no head-frame
  • no anaesthesia
  • outpatient procedure
  • no rehabilitation

»Cyberknife treatment for an acoustic neuroma allowed me to continue with my hobbies mountain biking and climbing shortly afterwards. Treatment was entirely pain-free and I was able to travel home to Austria immediately afterwards. I'm really glad to have been able to avoid major brain surgery and a long physical recovery period. That was several years ago, and I'm still going strong.«

Johannes W, 52 Acoustic neuroma


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In particular, metastases and benign brain tumors can be effectively treated.

Prostate cancer

Prostate carcinomas Gleason score 6 and 7 without capsular excavation


Similar to brain treatments, metastases and benign tumors are treated here.


Primary bronchocarcinoma T1 / 2 and single lung metastases.


Liver metastases and primary liver carcinoma (HCC)

lymph node

Isolated cases in the context of oncological concepts.

Cyberknife technology

The Cyberknife system is a novel, revolutionary achievement in the medical field - it combines two modern advancements in medical high technology.

Cyberknife technology

Treatment Process

The treatment process consists of several components: a first interview, the imaging, the treatment planning, the actual precision radiation, and routine follow-up examination.

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Treatment Examples

Our specialized doctors and medical physicists evaluate the present examinations together and transfer the set of images for the Cyberknife treatment.

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